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Weimar Republic

The Goethe town with flavors of Schiller

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So here I am finally in Weimar. It's a very small city about 2.5 hours (or 270 km) north-east of Frankfurt. I got here on train, witnessing some beautiful German countryside during the train. Weimar is a highly cultural city which gives me the true flavor of Germany and Europe as a whole. One would have to spot a running vehicle while in downtown as everyone is just walking thru the beautifully paved streets and occasionally make ways for a vehicle passing by. Bicycle is another popular mode of transportation. Low pollution, lots of walking, and incredible amount of vegetation - the basic requirements for great atmosphere are in abundance over here.

Weimar is very small in terms of industrialization and population. However, it holds a very high cultural value. One of the great poets of Germany, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, lived most of his life here. Numerous things in the town have been dedicated to his name, as one can expect. Some of the other great German names like Friedrich Schiller, Carl August, and Duchess Anna Amalia have been based here among others.

I got in Weimar yesterday, met a ton of new people and had a fun first night. We had a welcome dinner at this beautiful restaurant called Residenz in the old town. After that, some of us went to a couple of bars to have fun. It was a great experience and helped everyone gel together. We were assigned 5 tutors from the Bauhaus University (where our classes are held) and they're extremely nice and fun to be with.

Today was the first day of college and it felt different to attend school after 6 months, not to mention it was in a totally new country. After college our tutors took us to the student cafetaria (Die Mensa), where we would be eating lunch almost every day. After that we did a city tour and learned some history about the city and a lot of things about Goethe and Schiller. It's almost 7 now, and I am about to leave for cell phone shopping and dinner. Looking forward to having a peaceful night with some homework (yeah, sad about it) and getting ready for another long day in the town!

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The landing and first impressions of Germany

First couple of days spent in Frankfurt.

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So here it all begins finally, the long awaited trip of Europe. Two and a half months of traveling, without knowing proper languages, cultures, just randomness. Randomness - isn't that an exciting thing? Sometimes it's just wonderful to not know what's gonna come up next, you just jump right in and enjoy whatever is thrown at you.

I landed in Frankfurt early morning on Sunday June 3rd, made a not-very-exciting trip to my hostel with all the luggage only to find out that I can't check in till next 4 hours. So what I do is go out all dirty from the flight only to figure out that all of Germany is closed on Sunday and the rainy-gloomy weather didn't help either. I went back to the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (Central Railway Station) - the only place fully open in the city - eat at a Burger King (yes, my first meal in Germany was an American burger unfortunately) and get back after some exploration to check in. After resting for a bit, the weather got a little better and I decided to make a trip to Frankfurt downtown. Just walked around the Zeil, which is like a street mall where no cars are allowed and people just walk and shop. There are restaurants and bistros in the absolute middle of the street - typical Europe there.

Day 2 - I knew what I wanted to do. Got ready in the morning and took a train directly to Hauptwache (Downtown). Took a city tour, skyline tour, and an Altenstadt (Old city) walking tour. Very very very beautiful places to see. Sometimes I just sat near a couple of buildings and just looked at the great architecture. Some of the pictures came out to be great and they don't even fully reflect the charm of the city. After the city tours, I went for a dinner to a Pakistani/Indian restaurant (Lahore Curry Haus). It felt great to have Indian food even in Germany and to be able to speak Hindi. It felt homely in fact! Got back home after this, packed up for next day to head to Weimar. Oh lord, just 2 days in Germany and I've already seen a lot of new things. Looking forward to great next 2 months!

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